PhD Student in Law
The Human Right to Environment - Effectiveness - Sustainable Development - Human Rights; Solidarity Rights - Intergenerational Rights.


As a young Ph.D student researcher specialising in Environmental Human Rights, Ornella SEIGNEURY is particularly interested by the Right to a Healthy and Ecologically Balanced Environment and the reception of the concept of Sustainable Development in Human Rights Law. This thesis dissertation intent to demonstrate that Sustainability is subject to a restrictive interpretation which tends to limit the Effectiveness of the Human Right to Environment in New Caledonia.

Latest publications
  • The Adoption of the Principle of Non Regression in Environmental Law, Cahiers du Larje, New Caledonia, 2016. (link)
  • Local Laws, the Unity of the Country and Fundamental Rights in New Caledonia, in DAVID C., Assessment of the Fifteen Years of the Local Laws in New Caledonia, PUAM, 2016. (link)