New Caledonian Tall Stories


University of Queensland Research Seminar SeriesProfessor Mathias Chauchat presents  New Caledonian Tall Stories   New Caledonia is an “internally self-governing territory" of France. This close neighbour of Australia is a diverse and complex Island. The political rules governing the country are so strange that they look almost comical. But this is no laughing matter; New Caledonia's history was often a tragedy. The local government's collegial policy, the existence of a New Caledonian citizenship distinct from the French one and the right to self-determination of New Caledonians have loosened the links with France. New Caledonia is now a distant moon of the French planet….     Time:               12:00 pm, on 7th of November 2008

Location:         Sir Samuel Griffith Room (1-W341), Forgan Smith Building, The University of Queensland, St Lucia campus.