Catherine RIS

Professor of Economics - Director of LARJE
Labor Economics - Education Economics


Dr Catherine Ris is Professor of Economics at the University of New Caledonia (UNC), Director of LARJE (Research Centre on Economics and Law). She received her PhD from the University of Lyon (France) and was a post-doctoral fellow at the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market at Maastricht University (Netherlands). She returned to UNC in 2014 after one year as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Development Studies, University of Auckland (New Zealand).  Her major academic works are in development, labour economics and education economics. She has participated in several European and Pacific research networks including Targeted Socio-Economic Research, Transitions in Youth, PIPSA, PIURN and Oceania Development Network.

Ongoing projets

Economic and social inequalities, Ethnic and gender gap in school achievement and labour market outcomes, Education and occupational career, Human capital and training.

Latest publications
  • C. Ris, A. Trannoy et E. Wasmer, L’économie néo-calédonienne au-delà du nickel, Note du CAE n°39. S. Rey and C. Ris, 2016, Productivité sectorielle du travail et compétitivité de l’économie de la Nouvelle-Calédonie, Working Papers 2016-2017_4.
  • S. Gorohouna, S. Rey Et C. Ris, L’évolution de la formation et de la productivité du travail en Nouvelle-Calédonie, Conférence AFD, aout 2016.
  • M. Bunel, S. Gorohouna, Y. L’horty, P. Petit et C. Ris, Discriminations ethniques dans l’accès au logement en Nouvelle-Calédonie, Cahier du Larje n° 2016-2.