36èmes Journées de Microéconomie Appliquée

Participation à la conférence 36èmes Journées de Microéconomie Appliquée, Casablanca, Maroc, Juin 2019 (lien : https://jma2019.sciencesconf.org/)

Titre : Seeking for tipping point in the housing market: evidences from a field experiment

Auteurs; Sylvain CHAREYRON, Samuel GOROHOUNA, Yannick L’HORTY, Pascale PETIT et Catherine RIS

Une version française de cet article sera prochainement disponible en Cahier du Larje

Résumé en anglais: This study econometrically asses the presence of a tipping point on ethnic discrimination in the rental housing market. We measure discrimination and access to housing in New Caledonia by a large field experiment. Between 2015 and 2017, we sent six applications in response to 741 real-estate rental ads, for a total of 3,616 responses. Applicants have European, Kanak (the indigenous people) and Wallisian name and various signal of stability. Using data from the local census, we link the location of the offer and the neighbourhood composition. Probit random intercept regressions show that ethnic discrimination is stronger in neighbourhoods that are around the tipping point in ethnic composition.

L’article est disponible ici : Ris Seeking for tipping point5